Size Chart


Go by whatever size top you normally wear. See "Chart". To obtain your Bicep measurement, measure around the largest part of your upper arm, holding the tape snugly but not too tight. Then obtain your Bust measurement by measuring around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra, and your Under Bust measurement by measuring directly below your bust, where your bra band falls.

You may want to size up if you have very broad shoulders or fuller arms.

If you are having trouble choosing your size, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on our CONTACT US page!

  • XS:
    Missy Size 0-2
    Bust: 30"-34" inches (76-86 cm)
    Bicep: 8.5"-10" inches (21-25 cm)
  • S:
    Missy Size 4-6
    Bust: 33"-36" inches (83-91 cm)
    Bicep: 9"-12" inches (23-30 cm)
  • M:
    Missy Size 8-10
    Bust: 35"-37" inches (83-91 cm)
    Bicep: 11"-13" inches (28-33 cm)
  • L:
    Missy Size 12-14
    Bust: 38"-41" inches (96-104 cm)
    Bicep: 12"-14" inches (30-35 cm)
  • XL:
    Missy Size 14-16
    Bust: 41"-43" inches (104-109 cm)
    Bicep: 13"-15" inches (33-38 cm)
  • 1X:
    Missy Size 16-18
    Bust: 42"-45" inches (106-114 cm)
    Bicep: 14"-16" inches (35-41 cm)
  • 2X:
    Missy Size 20-22
    Bust: 45"-48" inches (114-122 cm)
    Bicep: 15"-18" inches (38-46 cm)